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Since we are mostly foster based we try to keep our nursery residency to a very low minimum for urgent animal cases only. Meaning- animals found on streets with no foster home, litters (orphaned or otherwise) euth list pets, etc. Our nursery is very small and can only hold animals for a few days unless we have no more coming in. We do plan on getting a bigger nursery later on in the future to expand how many animals we can really save. 


Owners, rescue groups, fosters, finders of animals etc, are asked to assist in medical needs and food, litter, pee pads etc. However we will understand if you cannot and may still be able to take the animals.


We are very excited to help these animals! Scroll below to see available spots with their caretaker's information!


Dunwoody Shelter

*All Cages Full*

Hey Friend! My name is Lilly Ibsen! I have been with Love Four Paws since it was founded! Why is that? I was the one who founded it back in 2018. I love animals and I am heart broken every time I see one that needs help. That is why I believe it is my life purpose and calling to save animals and one day open a bigger shelter. However until then I will continue to help the ones I can! 


My shelter is located in Dunwoody. It is actually a part of my house. I bathe, brush, feed, vaccinate and whatever you can think of! I have worked with animals since the moment I could walk.


Soon, I hope to attend vet school to further my education to help animals. Here is a fun secret! I am still in High School, but I wouldn't want that to be the reason you don't trust that you walk away from Love Four Paws. I am a hard worker and will not stop until I have done everything I can for my animals. 


The animals that live at my shelter are and will be very well taken care of and loved. They will be socialized frequently with other animals and humans to increase adoptability.


Contact me to find out more of how I care for my animals or to see about have your animal as a resident! Lilly Ibsen- 404-834-2867 or

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