Microchip Help

Love Four Paws loves helping you and your pet stay together. we offer to help you update your pet's microchip. We will come to your home and make updating your pet's microchip easier so you have more time to play with your fluffy or not so fluffy pal. Just send Lilly an email and she'll respond A.S.A.P. and don't worry about donating it's totally free!! 


The first family we served was Lilly's(founder) Gradpa's pit bull yellow lab mix. Her name is Lucy and she's a sweet heart. Lilly was visiting her family down in Florida and telling them about Love Four Paws. They got to talking and came to an issue. Lucy's microchip hadn't been updated since she was at the shelter! Lilly offered to help update her microchip, and that's just what she did. Now, if Lucy get separated from Lilly's Grandpa, then a local rescue can return her safely!!

***ATTENTION***  Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we will not be able to assist everyone until it has died down.  We will also NOT be in business from June 19th to the 27th. We will post animals for adoption but will not be having adoptions. Adopters are free to meet with fosters in between but we will may not meet with them. We are so sorry if this causes and inconvenience. If there is an emergency please call 911 or your local animal control. Thank you for understanding! 





Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday: 9:00 to 8:00

Saturday- Sunday:

11:00 to 8:30

Area of Service

Atlanta GA

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