Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday: 11:00 to 8:00

Saturday- Sunday:

12:00 to 7:30

Area of Service

Atlanta GA

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PLEASE FILL OUT the application that fits your request, COMPLETLY AND WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU SOON!

Adoption Application 
Is this the first pet you've owned?
Do you live alone?
Do you have ANY experience with the type of animal you wish to adopt?
Volunteer Application
Do you have any knowledge of the area you want to volunteer in?
Have you volunteered for other/ another rescue(s) before?
Why do you want to volunteer with Love Four Paws?
What type of animl do you want to work with?
Animal Surrender Application
Has your pet ever been aggressive or attacked an animal or peson?
Has your pet ever lived with another animal?
Has your pet ever been very sick or hurt?
Is your pet retired from anything, such as animal assisted therapy?
Is your pet spayed or neutered?
LoveFourPaws Animal Rescue