Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday: 11:00 to 8:00

Saturday- Sunday:

12:00 to 7:30

Area of Service

Atlanta GA

2019 created with

Love Four Paws

Animal Rescue

and rehomeing

Love Four Paws Animal Rescue is an organization that helps to save homeless and  neglected animals off the street and into a loving home. The misson we seek is to have less animals euthanized and more loved. Love Four Paws works to save innocent lives from having to suffer any longer. 


About Lilly the Founder!



Lilly is an animal enthusiast with a call to the ones in need. She studies them as well as works with them as often as she can. She also loves makeing people laugh and giving them a good time. She even does a bit of acting.



Three Big Puppies

Dog Rescue

Found a pretty pooch with no home? Well you're in luck contact us!!


Cat Rescue

Got a cute cat who is meowing for help? We'll be there to help you guys!! 


Other Animal Rescue

See a sweet heart in a dilemma? We're on our way to assist!!


Love "Four" All Animals

We Will Rescue any type of animal for free!!!!! 

LoveFourPaws Animal Rescue